FlexiTrace™ for tracing non-conductive utilities

Compatible with a range of Schonstedt pipe & cable locators, FlexiTrace is a flexible, conductive rod with a sonde at the end. When one transmitter lead is connected to FlexiTrace, the conductive rod can be used to trace non-metallic pipes. When both leads are connected, the end behaves like a sonde to help locate blockages.

• Rod diameter of 0.2” (5mm)
• Length of up to 263’ (80m)
• Pinpoints the location of a blockage
• Traces the route of non-metallic pipes or conduits




FlexiTrace™ Specifications

LengthWeightMin Bend RadiusRod Connection
164’ (50m)13 lbs (6 kg)10” (250 mm)Built in sonde
263’ (80m)14 lbs (6.5 kg)10” (250 mm)Built in sonde


FlexiTrace™ Frame Size

Rod DiameterLengthWidthHeight
0.2” (5mm) FlexiTrace33” (850 mm)21” (520 mm)37” (940 mm)